Relevant publications of Dr. Christian Buergy:

CAAD Futures 2005
Petzold, Frank and Buergy, Christian. 2005. Hands Free: A Wearable Surveying System for Building Surveying; Computer Aided Architectural Design Futures 2005, Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Computer Aided Architectural Design Futures [ISBN 1-4020-3460-1] Vienna (Austria) 20–22 June 2005, pp. 351-360.

EURESCOM Summit 2005
Buergy, Christian. 2005. Wearable Computers and Wearable Electronics: The Last Mile to Ubiquitous Computing; Proceedings EURESCOM Summit 2005 - Ubiquitous Services and Applications, Exploiting the Potential; April 27-29, 2005, Heidelberg, Germany; pp. 209-216.

IFAWC 2005
Buergy, Christian; Vogt, Edwin; Komljenovic, Ilija: "Speech-Controlled Wearables: Are We There,Yet?"; Proceedings of the 2nd International Forum on Applied Wearable Computing (IFAWC 2005), Zurich, Switzerland, March 17-18, 2005, VDE Verlag; pp. 17-28.

ISWC 2004 - Student Colloquium
Doppleb, Jan; Steinke, Nikolaus; Meyer, Norbert; Kulik, Alexander; Petzold, Frank; Thurow, Torsten; Bürgy, Christian. 2004. Wearable Computer for Building Surveying; Proceedings of the Doctoral Colloquium; 8th IEEE International Symposium on Wearable Computers; October 31–November 3, 2004; pp. 4-6.

SIGraDi 2004
Petzold, F., Donath, D., Bürgy, Ch.: Computer-supported building surveying – the basis for
planning in existing built contexts, in: SIGraDi 2004, Sao Leopoldo, Brasilien, 2004.

IEEE MechRob 2004
Buergy, Christian and Garrett, James H., Jr.: Using Business Process
Modeling for the Integration of Wearable Computer Systems in MRO
Applications; proceedings of IEEE Mechatronics & Robotics 2004; Aachen,
Germany 2004; pp. 1578-1583

Thesis 1/2004
Buergy, Christian; Garrett, Jr., James H.; 2004. Auswahl der Benutzungsschnittstellen fuer Wearable Computer Systeme zur Unterstuetzung von Arbeitsprozessen im Bauwesen; Beitraege der Bau- und Architekturinformatik zum Planen und Bauen im Bestand; Wissenschaftliche Zeitschrift der Bauhaus-Universitaet Weimar; 1. Heft 2004; 50. Jahrgang; pp. 50-57.

Buergy, Christian; Garrett, James H. 2004. Supporting Domain Experts in Determining Viable User Interface Designs for Wearable Computers Used in AEC Work Situations; Xth International Conference on Computing in Civil and Building Engineering - ICCCBE, Weimar, Germany, 2004.

IFAWC 2004
Buergy, Christian; Garrett, James H., Jr: "Research and Industry: An
Overview of Speech Interaction with Wearable Computers in Industrial
Applications"; Proceedings of the 1st International Forum on Applied
Wearable Computing (IFAWC 2004), Technologie-Zentrum Informatik,
Universitaet Bremen; TZI-Bericht Nr. 30, 2004.

ISARC 2002
Buergy, C., J. H. Garrett. 2002. Situation-aware Interface Design: An Interaction Constraints Model for Finding the
Right Interaction for Mobile and Wearable Computer Systems; Proceedings of ISARC2002, Washington, D.C., September 23-25, 2002.

Ph.D. Thesis
Buergy, Christian. 2002. An Interaction Constraints Model for Mobile and Wearable Computer-Aided Engineering Systems in Industrial Applications. Thesis, Dept. of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA, USA.

Bauen mit Computern 2002
James H. Garrett, Jr., Buergy, Christian, Jan Reinhardt and Jirapon Sunkpho. 2002. An Overview of the Research in Mobile/Wearable Computer-Aided Engineering Systems in the Advanced Infrastructure Systems Laboratory at Carnegie Mellon University. Bauen mit Computern 2002, Bonn, Germany. VDI Verlag GmbH, Duesseldorf, Germany.

Bauen mit Computern 2002
Buergy, Christian and James H. Garrett, Jr. 2002. Wearable Computers: An Interface between Humans and Smart Infrastructure Systems. Bauen mit Computern 2002, Bonn, Germany. VDI Verlag GmbH, Duesseldorf, Germany.

Forum BI 2001
Buergy, Christian, Jan Reinhardt, and James H. Garrett, Jr. 2001. Wearable Computer: Der Entwurf mobiler IT-Systeme zur Unterstuetzung von Arbeitsprozessen im Bauwesen. Fortschritt-Berichte VDI - Junge Wissenschaftler forschen, Reihe 4, Nr. 169, Forum Bauinformatik 2001, (Muenchen). VDI Verlag GmbH, Duesseldorf.

SAE World Congress 2001
Buergy, C., J. H. Garrett, Jr., M. Klausner, J. Anlauf, G. Nobis: Speech-Controlled Wearable Computers for Automotive Shop Workers. Proceedings of SAE 2001 World Congress, SAE Technical Paper Series No. 2001-01-0606, March 5-8, 2001, Detroit, Michigan.

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